Minnieland - Huguenot Montessori: What Three to Fives Can Do

Teachers find creative ways to incorporate the service project of Amman Imman into their curriculum, even for 3-5 year olds, with studies of culture, science, and practical life. Minnieland Private Day School, a Montessori school in Richmond, Virginia, held a bake sale fundraiser and raised $215 for Amman Imman's project in the Azawak.

School Director Lory Marano tells us what the teachers and parents at the school did to teach 3-5 year old students about the people in the Azawak:
Our Montessori students ages three to five years old were introduced to the plight of the people of the Azawak region in Niger, Africa. The wonderful teachers here at Minnieland - Huguenot immersed the students into learning all they could about the country of Niger, the geography, its people and the hardship they experience daily living without available water.

The teachers shared children's stories from the country and investigated how the lack of water effects their lives and the environment around them. In addition to their study of Niger, the teachers conducted several science projects where water was used and not used and the effect it had in the experiment. Discussion of how a well is built and how it works was investigated.

As a culminating activity we asked our parents to bake an item for the bake sale with their child and discuss the role water played in the process. The bake sale was held on Tuesday, April 24, and we are happy to report a profit of $215.00.

The teachers are committed to maintaining the awareness of thinking and aiding our friends in our global community.

Thanks to the teachers and parents at Minnieland for your committment, creativity and choice to work with your young students to help our friends in the Azawak.


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