Download Amman Imman Videos

Amman Imman introduction and presentation videos are available for download, including a movie of Ariane presenting the project with the powerpoint slides. Use these to present the project to your school or group, and also to learn about the problems in the Azawak and how Amman Imman is helping.

Click here to go the idisk, then enter the password educakit. Enter it twice. You will be directed to the idisk where you will find several folders, including one called "Amman Imman Movies" that contain the following:

1. Amman Imman:Water is Life slide show. This popular YouTube video displays Ariane's photos from her visit to the Azawak in 2005 as she introduces the project at the Montessori Peace Academy Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida in November, 2006.
File Type: QuickTime
File Size: (two versions) 47.4 mb and 6.8 mb
Length: 4 minutes, 22 seconds

2. Introduction to Amman Imman. In this video, Ariane introduces the project. Footage from the Azawak is shown as she tells about life there without any water and asks for help. This video is also available for viewing and download as a Windows Media file on the Amman Imman website.
File Type: QuickTime
File Size: 41 mb
Length: 1 minute, 45 seconds

3. Ariane presenting the Amman Imman project. In this powerful video, Ariane presents Program Amman Imman. She tells the story of the people of the Azawak who live for nine months of the year without any water. She tells of their suffering, of their survival, and what Amman Imman is doing to help them survive.
File Type: Windows Media
File Size: 456.7 mb
Length: approx. 35 minutes
Please be aware that even with a high speed internet connection these files will take some time to download, and may take more space than indicated above.

Other new tools you will find on the idisk for download:
  • a pdf version of the Amman Imman : Water is Life article that was published in Tomorrow's Child magazine. Look in the folder called "Media Articles on Amman Imman" and then in the folder called "Tomorrow's Child Article".
  • a photo of Ariane showing the cards and letters from children in America to the children in the Azawak. Look in the file called "pictures from the Azawak".
For a complete description of the other folders and files available for download on the idisk, please refer to the posts in this category, Downloadable Presentation Tools.


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