Pictures of the first Amman Imman borehole

Today I received an email from Ariane containing pictures of the first Amman Imman borehole! Ariane writes:

Dearest Friends,
My research assistant went to the Azawak and took some photos of our first borehole. The quality of the photos isn't super, but it shows the conditions, which we hope to improve vastly with our cistern and solar panels, as well as faucets and basins for the livestock.
Photos 1 and 2 show the children and men at the base of the borehole with their water jugs. In the background you can see a small cistern and a shelter for the diesel pumping system. In photo 3 you can see the base of the borehole, the cistern, and the shelter.
My departure with Denis is scheduled for March 1st. We had a small setback because of the war in Guinea Conakry, which took away plane availability.

Enjoy the photos!!

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  1. Thank you, Ariane, for your dedication. You should be very proud. I learned of this organization via Tomorrow's Child, and am doing what I can to spread the word to American Water companies. I've had some interest from AWWA and will let you know.


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