Renaissance School: Our Shared Humanity

As our students learn about water scarcity in the Azawak valley and the daily struggle of the nomadic people to find water, an awareness of our shared humanity is revealed. Although we live different lifestyles in climates and cultures that have diverse traditions, we are all human beings. We all need water. To know that the first deep well built by Amman Imman has already improved the lives of the local people as they use the flowing water to build adobe bricks for a school (see Water For Schools in Niger by Ariane on 2007-02-22) , brings a sense of immediate joy to our students, knowing that children like them may have an opportunity to learn and play rather than spend all their time searching for water just to survive. Children around the world understand that all children need to learn and play.

Students in Sylvia Hemreck's class at the Renaissance School in Fort Meyers, Florida continue to research and learn about the cultures in the Azawak region of Niger, how water scarity affects their lives, and yet how the deep spirit of the people sustain them even in their dire circumstances. The more they research, the more they understand what it means to be a human being.

These students are also planning a series of fundraising events in their community which will spread awareness and inform others about how they can join this effort to improve the lives of these resilient people as Amman Imman continues to build wells. Amman Imman will be highlighted in the school's March newsletter to parents, along with the activities that the students are planning.


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