Expressions of Gratitude

As the blog develops, I have been the fortunate recipient of expressions from individuals thanking me for keeping everyone connected and informed about the Montessori Amman Imman effort. This feedback revitalizes me everyday! I feel spirited to raise awareness about the plight of the people in the Azawak, and unite students worldwide to help. However, I want to introduce to you the other people who are working equally as hard to help this project take root in the worldwide Montessori community. Since the week after the Montessori Peace Academy, many of us have been meeting on a weekly conference call. Without the following people, this blog would be impossible:

The dedicated team from the Odyssey Montessori School in Fredericksburg, Virginia: Maureen Keeling, Lynda Allen, Megan Mason, Scott McCoy, as well as support from Eva Thornton and Wendy LaRue.

My steadfast comrades from Oneness-Family School: Carina Sonora, with background support from Bodil Eriksson, June Lang, Deborah Youssef, Sondra Dorsey and Andrew Kutt.

And the newest member of our team, Catherine Varkas from Palm Harbor Montessori in Florida.

Along with invaluable input and perspective from Michael Kirtley and amazing inspiration from Laurel Lundstrom, my local Amman Imman representative, this effort grows stronger and stronger everyday.

And of course, my gratitude would not be completely expressed without thanking Ariane Kirtley for giving us the inspiration to turn our attention towards Africa and the Azawak, and not only building water sources, but also creating a bridge on which we can walk toward our friends in that region.

Here is a picture of some from our team when we met with Ariane right after the Peace Conference:


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