Project Updates after Peace Conference

From Megan Mason, Early Childhood Teacher at Odyssey Montessori School: "I called home Sat. night (at the IMC conference) after listening to Ariane speak, and told my daughter Catie about what Ariane had said and the kids in the Azawak. Without hesitation, Catie said, "I can make scarves to sell and send the money to them. I'll get some of my friends to help." By the time I got home Monday night she had already completed 3 scarves! I'm looking into getting her a table at a craft fair in December so she can sell them."

Here is a picture of Catie with Ariane
when the Odyssey/Oneness-Family Planning Team
met in Fredericksburg after the IMC conference. Notice that she is wearing her scarves!

From June Lang at Oneness-Family School: "The students in our Peacekeeper Club are planning a Holiday Bazaar. Several classes will be working on handicrafts to sell there. All the profits will go toward Amman Imman."

From Sarah Genereux: "At Montessori by the Sea we are already planning to sell Christmas Crafts with proceeds to go to Amman Imman, and also, there has been talk of a Read A Thon of which the benefits would be added to our donation. I am thrilled and excited to be part of this and please let Arianne know that she is not alone and Montessori by the Sea is supporting her!"

From Sarah Harris of New Middle School at Palm Harbor Montessori Society: "YES - our school and students would like to be a team member! We have a "budding" video production team and they are thinking of making a video (could be shared with others to use at presentations... ?) as their next project."

From Cathy Carpenter at The Barrie School: "My upper elementary students at Barrie are definitely interested in being involved. I would like to present this project to other divisions of the school. Do you know if Ariane is going to post the power point presentation as discussed?"


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