A Walk for Water hosted by the Montessori School of McLean

The Montessori School of McLean will be hosting "A Walk for Water for the Azawak" on Saturday October 29. MSM's Walk is part of Amman Imman's celebration of the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water which first took place  in 2007 at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland. Please visit the main registration page on Classy for event details.  The event will be held at Great Falls Park from 8 am to 11 am.

I've had the pleasure of introducing Amman Imman and the Azawak to MSM students on two occasions. Last spring I spoke to the children about the dramatic impact of a changing climate on the indigenous populations of the Azawak.  As we discussed our common essential need for water and displayed what young children in the Azawak endure to obtain water, their eyes widened as their minds and hearts opened.  They wanted to help make a difference.  I returned to MSM last month to follow up with the students as they were planning A Walk for Water. They are excited for the opportunity to work together to make a difference.

This children-helping-children event will involve the entire school community. Teachers, students, and their families will walk together in solidarity for the children and families of the Azawak. The school is raising funds to support Amman Imman's work in the region. The organization has built five boreholes that provide water to over 100,000 people and animals in the region. Currently, Amman Imman is focusing on sustaining and expanding their health program that provides treatment and education for over 10,000 adults and children. Nurses are currently fighting Rift Valley Fever that has spread into the Azawak region. 

Please visit MSM's school fundraising page, https://www.classy.org/MSMWalkforwater, where contributions can be made toward their $5,000 goal. Students and families are also encouraged to create their own fundraising pages to express their commitment to helping the Azawak.  

Visit our AWFW main page to download our planning guide, or contact info@ammanimman.org


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