One voice, A thousand voices together

Last week,12 year old Gracyn McGathy, a 7th grade student at Cedar Park Middle School in Cedar Park,Texas, contacted us asking for in-depth information and personal stories for her research project entitled "Lack of Water in Africa". I spoke with her on the phone, telling her about water scarcity in the Azawak, how people are affected, and shared our stories. I also sent her several resources that she could use. Today I received a beautiful tribute of thanks from Gracyn that I wanted to share. This one voice speaks with so much depth, understanding and empathy - like a true Hero of Compassion.  This is what Wells of Love is all about.  

Dear Debra, 

Thank you so much for the links, and the videos. I just can't express my thanks enough. 

A week or so ago, I asked you to help me with this project. But you did more than help me, you changed me. This is more than just a project to me, this is a matter of becoming a better person.

These people, these Africans, are more than just people in poverty. They are just people like me and you. Because of you, I learned that there is more to this world than just labels. 

We often stick labels on people's back without really thinking much of it. But these labels that we have are so unfair. Instead of feeling pity for people, we should be friends to them. Exactly like you and your organization.

I as an individual can't change the position some Africans are in, but we as a whole are able to do the impossible. One voice can be heard, but a thousand voices are even louder. I believe in myself, and in these people. 

This love binds them together. That is the single thing, that no one can ever take away from them. That's what life is about. Loving and living like it's the last day you will ever live. 

Because in the end of our lives, we are all to die. There is nothing we can do about it. But we will have our life in our minds. The things we did during our lifetime will come back to us. And this right here is something I want to remember forever.  

Love is when you care more about someone else's suffering than your own. You taught me that. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 



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