An Exchange of Change from the Heart

Students raised $643
for the Azawak!
Jennifer Davey has opened the door to Africa for students at three schools by giving them an opportunity to participate in Amman Imman's projects in the Azawak. 

This year, she brought Amman Imman to students at St. Paul's Episcopal Montessori School in San Antonio, Texas where she is head of school. 

"I love it!" she says. "It is a great service project that speaks to the hearts of children."

Students researched Amman Imman and the Azawak.
While students can't visit the Azawak, they can start their own campaigns that bring to light the struggles affecting a half-million people in this water-scarce region. They can inform their community from a compassionate perspective, and discover the power of working together. 

They can raise money for Amman Imman that will go a long way in bringing permanent sources of clean water, and supporting life-sustaining activities such as education, health, sanitation, women's empowerment and economic development for people who have no where else to turn.

Jennifer understands that connecting children to global issues for which they can take action can broaden a student's perspective, and empower them as social activists. Hearing stories describing the struggles for water of children in the Azawak -- children much like them although living in a far away land under very different circumstances -- profoundly connects them in a personal way. After all, everyone needs water!
Older students teach about the Azawak to younger students

As part of their study of Africa, St. Paul Episcopal Montessori School elementary-aged students researched the water-scarce conditions affecting the Azawak region and learned about the nomadic populations, gaining an appreciation of the people and their cultures.  

They exercised their public speaking and teaching skills by sharing the Amman Imman presentation with younger students. As a culmination of their study and service, and as an expression of their hearts, they took up a penny collection, engaging the entire school in raising $643.42 for the Azawak, in place of exchanging Valentine's cards and gifts,

That's a whole lot of pennies, and a whole lot of heart exchange right there!
St. Paul Episcopal Montessori elementary students proudly show their work.
Jennifer Davey has been a Montessori educator for over 23 years. Stay in touch with her through Jennifer's Education Blog.


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