#AWFW2014 Weekly Update, April 3 - April 10

It’s Friday again, supporters! I’m sure you are all dreaming of your weekend plans as you sip your morning coffee. I know weekends are for relaxing, but I wanted to take a second opportunity in this week’s update to remind you that National Volunteer Week is still under way until April 12th! Don't forget to engage with us and other volunteers about A Walk for Water on Twitter or Facebook!

Some of you have already told us about how awesome you are in your support of us. I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to Karen and Anna Cronin, who showcased Amman Imman at the National Youth Leadership Conference and talked about A Walk For Water. Thank you so much you two!
If you have recently helped spread awareness, talked about AI, or any other form of support we not only want to share it to the world, we love reading about it! It makes us smile, especially on Mondays. Send us an email!
Only 29 days left until AWFW!
Some of you might think that's still a lot, but it goes by very quickly. This week we have been working on the design of the passports we are handing out for the walk. We have been finalizing the pages we will put in the booklet, as well as started to work on the graphical design. All I am allowed to say is that it is going to look great, and be so much fun for the children (and adults too, why not?).
Also, this week in particular was exciting because I had the opportunity to read some of the field updates from past programs and current, as well as read some technical details about the boreholes we build to give access to clean drinking water to the Azawak. I can’t wait to soon start sharing these things with you all!
Until next week, enjoy your weekend!
- Jamie, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator


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