Young Minnieland Montessori Students Work Together Make a Big Difference

Montessori classrooms at the Minnieland Academy in Virginia have been engaged in an ongoing collaboration with Amman Imman for the past few years. Here's how they do it: young Minnieland students, ages 3 - 5, explore their relationship with water. They learn about the Azawak, discovering that others in the world do not have easy access to what's so available to them.  Even young children can relate to water. They begin to appreciate. As a result, students want to help their brothers and sisters in West Africa! 

Minnieland Montessori classrooms conduct fundraisers such as father-daughter dances, selling bookmarks made by the children, popcorn sales, and many other creative activities. The Minnieland parent corporation has generously matched the funds raised over the past couple of years, turning $10,000 raised by the students, teachers and parents into a $20,000 donation this past spring.  In the 2013-2014 school year 38 classrooms will participate.

This October, Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman's founder and director, visited Minnieland during a teacher training event.  She had the opportunity to directly thank the students, teachers and administration for their support.  In turn, the students made a presentation for Ariane.

Amman Imman thanks all the students, teachers, parents and administration at Minnieland Academy for their ongoing support.  We love your enthusiasm and creativity!!

Students gave Ariane hand-made gifts for her to bring to Africa for children in the Azawak

Ariane enjoyed thanking them for their gifts, and their help.
Students sang and danced for Ariane.

Teachers listened to a presentation by Ariane.

Ariane helped them understand the cultures of the people of the Azawak, and circumstances under which they live.

Ariane's son Fassely helped!


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