Siena crosses the finish line!

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Placing 982 out of 1157, 9-year-old Siena finished the Water-to-Wine half-marathon in 2 hours and 41 minutes, running a 12:12 minute mile. Her dad, Ethan, ran alongside her. After she finished, Siena said, "It was super exciting! I want to do it again!"

Siena raised over $3,000 for children her age in the Azawak who make a marathon journey for water everyday. "I'm happy I was able to raise some money for the Azawak and help the people," Siena said. Contributions are still being accepted on her fundraising page:
During the race, her mom, Monika, attempted to snap photos as Ethan and Siena whizzed by, and sister Aria helped collect their clothes and supplied them with snacks.

Siena spent the rest of the day with her family, including her aunt and uncle who came to support her at the finish line. She walked around town, stretched at the park and went to a bookstore.

She couldn't eat for a while, but when she did she ATE!  She had pizza and Ethiopian food.  She especially enjoyed a huge bowl of shaved ice with frozen yogurt in the middle with her sister, Aria. She was very, very happy!

Check out the race results here:

Congratulations to Siena for going above and beyond her limit, 
and making a difference for the Azawak!

How did this indefatigable 9-year-old get involved in helping the Azawak?  Read the blog post!


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