Practice Adds Up to Something Powerful

A student pogo hops while his partner counts.
I don't know what it's like where you live, but here in Washington DC the winter has been unusually mild.  It's still January and people are already talking about spring! An Amman-a-thon is a great activity to do outdoors with students, whether to take advantage of the mild weather or to welcome the spring.

Here's a description of the event from our WOL Resources and Tools page:
The Amman-a-thon is a skill-building fitness fundraising event through which students improve their athletic and math skills while raising funds towards a Well of Love.
Students gain proficiency through practice hopping on one leg, twirling a hula hoop, shooting baskets, jumping rope, and other activities of their choice.  On the day of their Amman-a-thon, they partner with a friend, listen for "Go" from the teacher and perform their activity. Their partner counts the repetitions.  Prior to the event, they've rallied their family and friends to pledge support, getting promises of 5 and 10 cents per hop, jump, basket and hula spin.   
(Download an Amman-a-thon Planning Kit and Fundraising Guide)
I really love this activity because everyone benefits, both students engaging in the activity and the children of the Azawak!  Students enjoy practicing. They feel really good about using their own skills to raise funds. Classrooms of young students have raised as much as $5,000 by asking a lot of people they know to contribute a few cents towards their cause.  It ties together athleticism and philanthropy, providing students with a first-hand experience of how practice adds up to something concrete and powerful.

In this video a teacher talks about how the Amman-a-thon empowers her students.  She says the Amman-a-thon builds a sense of community.  The children work hard to build their skills in order to help others.  In return they become physically fit, and have fun.

You can download an Amman-a-thon Planning Guide and a Fundraising Kit from the WOL Resources and Tools page.  Consider planning an Amman-a-thon for World Water Day (March 22), Earth Day (April 22) or International Peace Day (Sept 21) to start the school year.

It's really not hard to organize, and it's a great activity!


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