Individual Acts of Compassion

Students at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy have been participating in the Wells of Love program since its inception.  These industrious students, supported by their dedicated teachers, have raised more than $4000 through all-school activities and individually inspired student projects over the last 5 years.  Last year the school collected coins throughout the year and held a culminating celebration on Earth Day.  Here are some of the individual acts of compassion these Heroes have engaged in last year and this year:

  • One girl painted a picture, sold it to a neighbor for $5, and donated the money.  
  • A 4 year old held a bake sale that raised $65.  
  • Children decorated their own water bottles and collected money from their friends and family. 
  • A student is currently making plans for a toy sale. His parents have offered to match the funds that he raises. 

 "The children are very excited and eager to help in any way they can!" reports teacher Nicole Nasser.
A young artist donates the proceeds from the sale of her painting.

Palm Harbor student activists have participated in Wells of Love since 2006.  


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