Feeling Grateful To Give

"It makes me feel good."
Second-grader Rebecca has been learning about the cultures of the Azawak since pre-school. She's listened to presentations about Amman Imman's work, watched videos that depict conditions in the Azawak, and participated in Wells of Love fundraising projects at her school. She's tuned in to the struggles children and families go through to get water.    

Through her participation she's aware that because of the abundant water that flows from their borehole the lives of children in Tangarwashane and Kijigari have dramatically improved.  
They are healthier.  
They can bathe, drink clean water and grow food.  
Now they go to school.

Recently Rebecca celebrated her 8th birthday.  Rather than receive gifts, she asked her friends to donate to Amman Imman in honor of the occasion.

We asked Rebecca some questions about her experience. Here's what Rebecca had to say:

Why is Amman Imman and the cause of the people of the Azawak important to you?
Because water is a very important  thing, and I like to help people far away.
Why should other people donate and help?
It is good for a community to raise money for charity.  You can work together to help people who need help.
Why did you decide to ask people to give a donation to Amman Imman instead of giving you a birthday gift?   
Because it is helping a lot of people that I've heard a lot about, and it makes me feel good. 
Congratulations to Rebecca for raising over $100!
Amman Imman is building a new borehole this winter! 
Please help us raise the remaining $70,000 needed for the project... 
give gratefully....
Donate in honor of someone
Start a Fundraiser
Ask your Community to Help!


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