Montessori of Maryknoll: We are happy to help you

Students show their baked goods.
Thank you dedicated Heroes of Compassion at Montessori of Maryknoll in Glen Ellyn, Illinois! Each year these students come together to learn about Africa and raise funds to help Amman Imman bring water to the Azawak.  They've held an annual fundraiser since 2007.  We received this card, photo and message from school director, Pat Bates:

Montessori of Maryknoll held their annual bake and plant sale to benefit the Amman Imman project (which means "Water is Life") in the Azawak of Niger, Africa. The Enrichment class is studying Africa as part of their around-the-world cultural studies.  These local students learned that Montessori school all over the country are participating annually in this cause to help African children.  Many African children travel many miles each day in search of water, which when found is not even clean.  The Montessori of Maryknoll students baked, planted, and sold their goods in support of this "children helping children" service project.  The $272 raised this year, when combined  with the contributions from other participating Montessori schools, will help pay for the equipment to dig deep wells.  These wells will provide clean water to thousands of people and animals in the Azawak region.

 - Pat Bates, Director, Montessori of Maryknoll


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