East Cooper Montessori Students Show Their Love

Thank you to students and teachers at

These inventive Heroes of Compassion in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina manifested their love in February by wearing love, peace and heart graphics on Valentine's day and donating $2 per person for the people of the Azawak.   To make this creative fundraiser meaningful for the students,  the teachers used our curriculum materials to incorporate a lesson about Amman Imman's work to bring water to the Azawak in time for the Valentine's Day fundraiser.  

We recently received their check for $265 raised on "Giving Graphics Day" as part of the Wells of Love initiative!


  1. Thanks for the information!!Happy Hands Montessori Nursery guidance to children to develop to their fullest potential through providing a Montessori education infused with culturally inclusive principals.
    Montessori Nurseries

  2. Hi, Alvaro, Thank you for reading, and for sending greetings from Colombia!

  3. Hi, Daniel, I love the concept of culturally inclusive principals. Can you share a link where our readers can learn more?


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