Hand in Hand brings Connection, Collaboration and Contribution to our Heroes of Compassion

 Connection, Collaboration and Contribution bring timeless experiences to students!
In December, students at Oneness-Family School sold handmade crafts at the school's annual Festival of Lights Holiday Bazaar.  These crafts, made especially for Amman Imman's Hand in Hand campaign, is the most recent expression of philanthropy from these Heroes of Compassion in their continuing effort to contribute toward a Well of Love in the Azawak.   Over the last month, after middle school students Andrea Manchester and Sebastian Ashley introduced them to the campaign, the 6-9 year old students in the 1st through 3rd grade made a variety of ornaments and potholders that dazzled the holiday fair.

These philanthropists approached their craft-making with a zeal which took place over a month in their classroom during free time.  When I visited in early December to thank the students for the crafts, I had an opportunity to watch them in action as they made the handicrafts.

During the sale Sebastian helped us set up, and then Andrea tended the table.  In addition, we also sold Tuareg jewelry and leather goods, and notecards with beautiful photos from the Azawak.  In total, the sale grossed over $500.

Since October 2006, students at the school have made presentations, done various fundraising projects, participated in A Walk for Water and started the Amman-athon, displaying a collaborative passion to make a difference in the lives of their brothers and sisters in Africa.  Alumni from the school have continued their humanitarian endeavors in their new schools.  These experiences generate a legacy of service-learning through Amman Imman's Wells of Love program.  Our Heroes of Compassion help to improve the lives of the children in the Azawak while solidifying a foundation of connection, cooperation and contribution that will fortify their own lives as they grow into adulthood.  

Right now Ariane Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman, and her husband Denis Gontero, the Niger program director, are in Niamey, Niger, meeting with officials and contractors to plan the drilling for the next borehole.  We hope the efforts of these students will soon come to fruition when the Kijigari borehole is drilled and water becomes available. Inshallah!


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