Amman Imman Unites Nigerien and U.S. Children through Its Service Learning Program, Wells of Love

Amman Imman Unites Nigerien and U.S. Children Through Its Service Learning Program: 

Wells of Love is the service learning program of Amman Imman: Water is Life. Amman Imman is dedicated to improving and saving lives among the poorest and most severely threatened populations of the world by supplying permanent sources of water in the Azawak of West Africa.

Wells of Love empowers students as "Heroes of Compassion" - future leaders with a caring, philanthropic spirit - by engaging them to help bring water and hope to the 500,000 children and adults living in the Azawak. 

Wells of Love Goals:
·      Uniting students, young people of all ages, from preschoolers to university students, as caring philanthropists, or “Heroes of Compassion” capable of turning their empathy into direct action through collaborative and individually initiated efforts.

·      Increasing awareness among students about some of the most crucial humanitarian and environmental issues of our time, including the global water crisis and climate change directly affecting the lives of the people living in the Azawak of West Africa.

·      Shaping tomorrow’s leaders as global activists and problem solvers, affecting change and finding positive solutions to some of our world’s most challenging problems. 

·      Raising funds towards building numerous “Wells of Love” thereby having long-lasting and significant impact on the lives of the populations of the Azawak. 

           With YOU and Wells of Love  !


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