Ariane Kirtley: Changing People's Lives

Amman Imman: Water is Life founder and director, Ariane Kirtley, is featured in a new book, Changing People's Lives While Transforming Your Own by Jeffrey A. Kottler and Mike Marriner. The book tells stories of individuals who have dedicated themselves to social justice causes and finding solutions to human rights issues, and in the process have changed lives.

Ariane certainly fits this description. In the three years since she started Amman Imman, she has changed the lives of thousands of people in the Azawak of West Africa by providing them with access to life-giving water. Likewise, she has changed the lives of hundreds of students who have dedicated themselves to Amman Imman's cause as philanthropists and change-makers, and who have in turn transformed their own lives toward compassion, activism and leadership.

I am inspired by this cycle of transformation and change. Ariane's promise to the people of the Azawak - to bring them water - has been taken up by students who now fulfill that promise alongside her. The potential and hope it holds for our world is tremendous!

I recommend this book as a resource for your cultural and social justice curriculums, and as a source of stories to inspire your students in their service-learning projects, particularly as they continue raising funds toward a Montessori "Well of Love". The book features many students and teachers who have taken initiative to start their own projects.

Please read more on the Amman Imman website, including the section in the book about Ariane:

You can purchase the book on Amazon here.


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