Ariane's Update: Partnerships and Progress in the Azawak

May 18, 2009

Dear Friends of the Azawak,

I am relieved to report that my dear husband Denis has finally returned from Niger after spending the last month working with our local team in Niger. Fassely and I had to return home early due to the unbearable heat and a dangerous meningitis outbreak. Denis remained behind to finish up all the last minute work for Amman Imman in the field. Several positive developments took place over this past month in Niger...Read the rest of Ariane's update on the Amman Imman website or on the Amman Imman blog

The Amman Imman field team: Moumine -- local representative , Denis -- Niger Program Coordinator, Amamatou and Jalal -- field agents

Amamatou and Jalal training Tangarwashane Management Committee vice president, Yacoubou, and treasurer, Raichatou how to maintain financial records

Amman Imman field agent, Amamatou, speaks to women in a camp near Tangarwashane about the borehole, as well as hygiene and sanitation

Moumine, Denis, Amamatou, and Jalal in frount of the Tchinwagari water tower


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