No Tricks, Just a Treat for the Children of the Azawak

When children go house to house on Halloween, they express their joy by dressing up in costumes from goblins and ghouls to policemen and princesses to the delight of neighbors and friends alike. That is the real treat! Traditionally, kids have combined their merriment with a trick-or-treat fundraiser. This year, Amman Imman: Water is Life is sponsoring

Trick or Treat for the Children of the Azawak

Parents and Teachers: please download the pdf file template with the Halloween wrapper. This will fit around a bag or plastic pumpkin.

Instructions for Students

Dear Students,
Thank you for collecting this Halloween for Amman Imman's project to build borehole wells for thousands of people who have no water. The pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters you collect will go toward bringing water and hope to the children, families and animals who live in the Azawak of West Africa.
1. Stay safe by getting permission from your parents before you begin trick or treating!
2. Attach the Trick or Treat for Amman Imman wrapper
3. As you go around to the homes of your friends and neighbors on Halloween, invite them to contribute to Amman Imman’s project that improves and saves the lives by building permanent and sustainable sources of water. You can tell them:

"I am collecting funds for Amman Imman: Water is Life. Together, with children around the world, we are building a borehole - a Well of Love - that will bring water to 25,000 people and animals. The children of the Azawak are dying because they have no water to drink. Please help us bring them water....and hope!"
4. In the next few days after Halloween, count up the money you collected.
5. Ask your parents to write a check for the amount and give them the coins in exchange.
6. The check should be made out to Amman Imman
7. Either bring the check to school or mail it to:
Amman Imman
914 Robin Road
Silver Spring, MD 20901


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