Poem for Dennis

Your Flowing Heart
dedicated to Dennis Hamilton, 1942-2008
Those who know you were not surprised
that your heart ruptured and overflowed.
We felt it flow all over us whenever we were with you.
We saw it well up on your face when you spoke,
trickle down your sleeve when you held out your hand,
and drip onto your shoulder when you rocked a baby.
Your heart seeped through your smile,
leaked into your compliments,
and soaked through your hugs.

You wrote letters about why you stand for peace
and we read your heart.
You told stories about people
who have no water,
and it was your heart
that moved other hearts to give.
You set up photo exhibits
that displayed generosity and love
residing where little else lives,
but it was your heart that
showed us generosity and love.
You even got a preacher from Texas
to invite you to his family home,
and dedicate his website to the thirsty,
only your heart, your heart.

That your heart flowed all over is no surprise,
not to friends who bathed in your love,
drenched in your generosity
and oozed in your care.
Your heart was like a boat on a river,
a vessel of safety and care
for your dear friend.
It was no surprise that
all that was in your heart
burst out.
It always did.

Dennis was Amman Imman's Associate Director. He lived fully and passed on September 16.


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