Simple Giving and Modern Technology bring Global Connections

Communications today make it possible for us to be connected around the world in the click of an email or push of a mouse for an instant message. We can beam video to remote areas and catch events across the globe as they happen. Thus, our world has become an interconnected global community.
We have this vision that the children of the Azawak and the children in Montessori schools who are helping to bring them water can understand that they are connected and part of the global community.
Not everyone can go to the Azawak. And the children of the Azawak can't easily come here. But we can use technology for a really sweet purpose. We can demonstrate to children that what they do - their actions - bring a real smile.

In March, 2007, Ariane Kirtley hand-delivered gifts from the children in America to the children in Azawak. The following 13 minute video allows us to view that heart-to- heart sharing. Ariane and Moustapha tell the children and nomads about the children and teachers in the schools who are helping Amman Imman bring them water. Ariane hands them some of the rosemary that Odyssey Montessori upper elementary student Wyatt collected and sold. The girls wear the scarves that then 8 year old Catie McCoy knitted for them. She explains to them that students at Oneness-Family School and the Barrie School are making presentations and telling the world about their water problems. She shows them the cards from classrooms around the world that have pledge to help them get water. Ariane and Moustapha explain the different ways that children in America are helping.

The nomads smile. The children smile. We smile.

Simple giving. Modern technology. Global connections.

How lovely to see the children in this video, for they are many of the same children that Ariane photographed when she first went to the Azawak in 2005. We have seen them in many of her photos: Takat, Hassan, Abdoulaye, Moussa, Anaou, Rabbi, Mariama, Raichatou, Soutout, Mariama, Hazzi, Saleh.

Please share this video with all students, and let them know their hands can reach across the world and change lives!

See photos of Ariane's visit with the nomads and children in this post:
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