Connecting Global Awareness with Local Action

When Oneness-Family School student Alex Fisher learned about the global food crisis in the news, he said, "A Walk For Water is a great way to help the people in the Azawak, but what about people who don't have food right here in our own town?"

Alex and his dad Brian came up with an idea:
Organize a canned food drive at A Walk For Water, and then distribute the collected cans to local area shelters and food banks.
That way, all the students and families who are helping the people of the Azawak get water, at the same time can help people locally who don't have enough food.

Alex and his dad made a plan, contacting a local food bank that would accept the canned goods. Then, all the families coming to A Walk For Water in Maryland were invited to bring their canned food goods to the Walk. When it was over, Alex and his dad brought the items to where people need it most.

Thank you, Alex and Brian, for coming up with this great way to connect global and local issues!
You are making a tangible difference
in people's lives in your own community
and around the world!


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