Fair Trade for Amman Imman

Native Kushite, a seller of fair trade items on Ebay, is donating 5% of all profits to Amman Imman. Native Kushite found out about Amman Imman after seeing the Amman Imman website on YouTube and decided to support it through Ebay sales.

Native Kushite's profile says:

Hello, I am here to sell you great items at great prices. I put customer service at priority #1 because as long as the customer is happy everything else will fall into place. I usually ship same day, or the next morning, as long as you get your item as quickly as possible.

My user name is Native Kushite, Kush civilization centered in the region of Nubia, located in what is today northern Sudan.

I will be having a variety of items for sale. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

5% OF ALL PROFITS GO TO CHARITY! This is not on select items, this is on ALL items. I set aside profits from every product sold, and at the end of every week I donate.

The charity that it goes to will be Amman Imman

Amman Imman Brings Water to Those Who Have None… Amman Imman is dedicated to improving and saving lives among the poorest and most abandoned populations of the world by supplying permanent sources of water to the people living in the Azawak Valley, West Africa. http://www.waterishope.org

I support ethical trade and fair wages. Which means I purchase items (whether African imports or those made in America) which are made by FAIR work ethics. I do not purchase from wholesale suppliers who do not list where the products are made because chances are (when its outside of America) they are child labor, unfair wages, unfair practices, etc. I want to make sure honest people can make an honest living.

Please check out and promote the items he has for sale, and support Amman Imman at the same time!

Click here to see all of Native Kushite's items for sale one Ebay.


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