Student Editions of Amman Imman Presentation

Two student editions of the Amman Imman powerpoint presentation are now available. Both scripts are designed for teachers and students to jointly engage in a presentation. Each script targets a specific audience:

1. Presentation for Elementary students. This script, designed for younger audiences, ages 8 through 12, contains simpler language.
2. Presentation for Middle School students. This script, focusing on older audiences, ages 12 and above, contains more details.
Each of these presentations can be implemented by students.

Bonus: A short movie depicting conditions around the deep wells in the Azawak is included within the presentation.

Please note that for purposes of learning about the current status of the project and obtaining detailed information, it is important to read the full script. Download this .ppt file here: Full Presentation with detailed script.

Read Preparing Students To Present Amman Imman for suggestions on how to prepare your students for their presentation, including learning about the Azawak, and water scarcity.


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