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Dear Montessori Friends and Friends of the Azawak,

Happy New Year! For many of us, the new year brings new possibilities. We have certainly seen the blossoming of possibilities over the last year as students around the world have come together to bring water and hope to the people of the Azawak.

In reviewing the blog recently, I noticed that information and photos about the amazing success of the first Amman Imman borehole was not that easy to find. Yet this important accomplishment must be appreciated and celebrated! As a Montessori community, we have been part of a movement to save and improve lives, and the first phase of that was accomplished last year with the completion of the Amman Imman borehole in Tangarwashane. Please view the pictorial story and imagine the possibility of how lives in the Azawak will continue to change: Changing lives one borehole at a time. (Hint: share this posting with your students. It tells a beautiful story.)

We see possibility and hope everyday in the hands and hearts of our students. Now we are also witnessing their hands and hearts taking action for humanity. Rather than just being charitable, students are learning that philanthropy is an action of love for the benefit of our fellow humans. Read about it in Everyday Activism Inspires Philanthropy.

More stories from schools:
* News from Harbor Montessori School in Gig Harbor Washington. An article in their online news correlates the Amman Imman project with the lessons inherent in a Montessori education. Read the post at A Global Education: Amman Imman Project Teaches Universal Values.

* At Dayspring Academy in Catabwa, South Carolina, a summertime homework assignment on the Azawak forms the basis for their international outreach project for the year: Dayspring Academy's International Outreach Project

* Read about Mary Beth Sullivan's class at Island Village Montessori in Venice, Florida. They have incorporated the Amman Imman project into a special cross-cultural and collaborative research project that is very cool: Island Village Montessori: Collaborative Research.

Inspired by the students around the world who are banding together to build a Well of Love, Oneness-Family School director Andrew Kutt wrote May The Water Flow (for the people of the Azawak) dedicating it to Ariane Kirtley, the students and the people of the Azawak. Hear the song and view the pictures on the blog or at this link on YouTube:

Please continue to keep in touch, share your stories and ideas, and make possibility come alive!

In gratitude,

Debra Kahn
Associate Director, Oneness-Family School
6701 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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