Global Citizenship Action Project Schools (GCAP) Get Involved

In October, 2007, Ariane spoke at the Global Citizenship Action Project (GCAP), a professional conference for Montessori students held in New York City. 125 students from 16 Montessori schools attended to learn how they could become active as global citizens. Read about Amman Imman's presentation at this link: Inspiring a Passion to Act: Global Citizenship Action Project.

We've heard from a couple of schools whose students attended the GCAP conference and want to help the children of the Azawak:

We, Montessori middle school students at The Boyd School in Chantilly, VA, would like to coordinate a "walking for water" project at our school in spring 2008. We loved hearing Ariane speak in NYC at the GCAP. Thank you for all that you do for our challenged citizens of the world.

Hi there! I'm the director of the Middle School level at the Berkeley Montessori School in Berkeley, CA. We heard about Amman Imman and the Montessori Wells of Love project at the Global Citizens Action Project conference in New York back in October, 2007, and are planning a series of fund- and awareness-raisers in our school community.

Our first one is a night of dramatic one-acts on Friday, February 8th. Just thought we'd say hi and let you know we're excited to get involved. Thanks.


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