Their story, our story, your story

(Video excerpts are from October 26, 2007, Amman Imman presentation with Ariane Kirtley in Chevy Chase, Maryland.)

The story of the people of the Azawak is more than statistics of people dying; rather it is the story of real people who are dying of thirst. Individual human beings. Through Ariane, their faces, traditions and struggles have become familiar to us.

"Your empathy for the people of the Azawak has been contagious." Andrew Kutt, director of Oneness-Family School, expresses his appreciation to Ariane Kirtley at an event that brought together several schools from the Washington DC area in support of Amman Imman. "Through your empathy, we have opened our hearts. Not only to the people of the Azawak, but to each other," he tells her.

Their story has become our story.

It is in this spirit that we gather together to celebrate the success of Amman Imman's first borehole and the combined efforts of Montessori schools around the world who are helping. We listen to Ariane Kirtley tell us more stories. We tune in to the desperation of this situation, and to the compassion that has initiated the potential for bringing change. We have witnessed hope. We feel compelled to act.

Kathy Minardi, head of Aidan Montessori School announces the intention to form a coalition of schools that will work together to raise funds to build one or two wells in the Azawak. "This is within the realm of possibility," Kathy says.

(To read more about this event go to this post: A Rain of Compassion.)


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