Planting Seeds of Hope and Compassion

Ariane Kirtley returned to France last Thursday after a six-week fundraising tour through the northeastern United States during which she visited several Montessori schools, Independent schools, colleges and university campuses. She presented Amman Imman’s mission at churches and conferences, and met with individuals representing various organizations and businesses. During each of these engagements, her interaction was focused and passionate, as a spokesperson for the people of the Azawak who have asked her to bring them water to save their children's lives.

Her urgent appeal to bring attention to the plight of people who are dying of thirst had many implications. She was like a constant gardener, planting seeds of compassion in the hearts of six year olds, sixteen year olds and sixty year olds; intellectuals, scientists, journalists, artists and business people, each of whom has the potential to make their own unique contribution to saving lives.

Now these seeds need to be nurtured with the sunshine of collaboration and the water of resources that will engage and unite these human hearts in bringing change to the Azawak as they work together with Amman Imman to build permanent water sources.

Stay in touch as the project continues to take root and and grow! Upcoming blog posts will include reports on Ariane’s tour from the various schools, internet links to news articles, videos and websites, and suggested resources for teachers to engage students in the project while raising awareness of water issues locally, nationally and globally, and more.

Meanwhile, be sure to read about Ariane’s visits in early October to the National Cathedral School, Oneness-Family School and Aidan Montessori School in the post titled Ariane visits schools in the Washington DC area.


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