Harbor Montessori: Student Ideas Fill Water Bottles With Money

Recently we received a message from Jaime Mossman, administrative assistant at The Harbor Montessori School in Gig Harbor, Washington State. The school heard about the Amman Imman project after reading an article in Montessori Life magazine, Water Brings Hope To Children. Jaime tells us that students at Harbor Montessori are enthusiastically organizing fund raising projects:
We're just kicking off our fund raising. Our Upper Elementary and Middle School students are preparing their presentation materials this week. Next week they'll be presenting the program and their fundraisers to our Primary and Lower Elementary students.

They'll start off with filling water bottles at home with change every time they drink water, wash their hands, flush the toilet, etc. They'll bring the full bottles to school and empty them in our "Well" that will be centrally located. We'll empty the well on Earth Day 2008.

The students will also be selling pizza and drinks at our Family Nights and making crafts to sell throughout the school year.
Our students have so many ideas!

We're going to find a way to incorporate a fund raising item at our annual auction in March and we will be playing a presentation on the project.
We will also be posting a powerpoint presentation about Amman Imman on our school website that will include some of the information we found on your website and slides of our kids participating.

The kids are really excited about raising money for this project!

Congratulations, Harbor Montessori students, for putting your ideas into action!


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