Help Amman Imman win a contest!

Amman Imman has an opportunity to win a grant of $1000 through a Speed Granting Contest offered by, a social networking website open to students and individuals. Speed Granting works by allowing organizations to submit grant proposals based on a particular theme. Facebook members promote the proposals to their friends for two weeks. At the end of the two week period, the proposal with the most votes will earn $1,000 toward their cause.

As of 6 pm, September 6, we had 20 votes...the #1 proposal
(a much larger organization) had over 150 votes.
We have 8 more days to spread the word, recruit supporters
and make Amman Imman a front runner... we can do it!

For the two week period from September 1 through September 14, the Razoo Speed Granting theme is Change your Water World. $1000 will be offered to organizations providing solutions to make a difference in the lives of people and communities who do not have access to clean, safe water. We are talking about the 1.1 billion people out there in the world who live daily without water to drink. There are several large organizations working to change the circumstances for people in many places in Asia, Africa and the Americas, but only one small, grassroots organization, comprised of several dedicated individuals, along with school children around the world, is working to bring water to the Azawak region of Niger, West Africa.

Erica George, a Brandeis alum on the Harvard University staff, cast her vote for Amman Imman and submitted this comment:
I'm specially attached to this particular project because it's being organized by a worldwide group of Montessori school students. I was a Montessori student for my elementary school years, and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. One of my favorite parts of my Montessori education was being encouraged to exert my power in the world, and never told something was too big a dream.

I'm excited to see an ambitious project being undertaken by Montessori students now, so I'm hoping I can help support the project to win the votes it needs for this micro-grant. The current top vote-getters are larger organizations, and it's my feeling that micro-grants should go to smaller projects. Please vote Amman Imman!
Some of the other organizations entered into this contest are much larger than Amman Imman and seem to have votes pouring in. Please help the votes flow our way! I know that if we work together we can make this happen:

If you are not currently a member of Facebook, you can join up at If you are a member of Facebook, click here to go to the Razoo Speed Granting Contest link and vote for Amman Imman. Please, don't stop there! After you vote, ask your friends to lend their support by voting. Certainly, $1000 will not cover the costs of drilling a deep borehole well in the Azawak, but it will contribute to our cause and also make more and more people aware of the circumstances in this abandoned region.

Remember, we have until midnight on September 14 to get as many votes as possible, so let's work together and make something happen!


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