Ariane's letter to all students and friends of the Azawak

June, 2007

Dearest Students and Friends of the Azawak,

As this school year comes to an end, I reflect back on everything that has taken place since November, when the Amman Imman - Montessori partnership began.

I recall the first day I went to the Oneness Family School in October, invited by Andrew Kutt, to speak about the people of the Azawak and their plight to first, second and third graders, and then to the “Peacekeepers”. It was wonderful sharing their lives with such young and open spirits, and they couldn’t believe their ears when they heard of the suffering in the Azawak. I asked them if they could imagine having to walk all the way from their school to downtown Washington DC, just to find a drink of water? They were touched by the smiles of the children they saw in the photos. How could they be so happy without water to drink or bathe with, and without food to eat? They immediately started planning different ways they were going to share the story with their friends and families, and raise money for the project.

Andrew then asked me to hold a stand at the school’s United Nations Day so that I could meet parents and teachers, which led to him to inviting me to the Montessori Peace Conference in Florida, where Oneness Peacekeepers Gabrielle, Nadia and Jasmine, and I presented Amman Imman to a large auditorium of parents and teachers. At this conference I met several beautiful individuals that have become key leaders in this Montessori Amman Imman movement, such as Debbie Kahn, June Lang, Tim Seldin, Maureen Keeling, Megan Mason, Catherine Varkas, Sarah Genereux, Lisa Marie Hamby and so many more teachers and parents that brought back the project to their schools after the conference.

Since the conference, the Montessori Amman Imman partnership has blossomed into a gorgeous flower composed of brilliant multicolored petals of innovative activities, from individual school initiatives, to “A Month without Water”, to “A Walk for Water”. This flower of love blossomed and grew brilliant and strong in so little time that it is difficult to believe that we’ve been living this adventure together for less than a year. I simply pray that this adventure blossoms into a field of flowers of activities, where Montessori schools across the world work to bring water and life to the children of the Azawak.

I hope to be in America at the beginning of the school year to visit schools, and meet as many of you as possible, as well as your parents and teachers, and share with you new stories and photos of the Azawak. Like this, we can start off the new school year hand in hand, working in harmony for the children of the Azawak.

Thank you for everything you have done to bring hope, joy, and life to your African brothers and sisters. They are so grateful, as are all the members of the Amman Imman team. You have the power to change lives and make this world a better place. Thank you for being strong and proactive, and caring so much for the future of people you have never even met.

Have a wonderful summer! Please stay in touch and continue to remember the children of the Azawak. I will keep all of you in my heart.

Much love and gratitude,


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