More Schools Participating!

We now have 23 participating schools and organizations working with Amman Imman to improve conditions for the people in the Azawak. Welcome to the following five new schools:

Undercroft Montessori in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Middle School students at Undercroft Montessori have been fundraising for Amman Imman and doing presentations since December. Teacher Laura Sesso heard Ariane speak at the Montessori Peace conference in November, 2006 and passed the project along to her students. The students took the initiative to bring the project to their community. Stay tuned for a story about the work of these students!

Woodland Hill Montessori in North Greenbush, New York. I talked with Upper Elementary Teacher Sherry Clune at the AMS conference in New York City in March about the Amman Imman project. Her class is starting a water ecology project based on the global problem of water depletion. Sherry and her students will study the Amman Imman website and this blog to come up with ideas on incorporating the project into the curriculum this year and into the next school year. We look forward to hearing about how the project develops at Woodland Hill!

Minnieland Private Day School in Richmond, Virginia
. School Director Lori Marano picked up a flyer at the New York City AMS conference and brought the project back to her community. A story about Minnieland's contribution will be forthcoming!

Five Oaks Academy in Simpsonville, South Carolina
. Five Oaks recently sent a donation to support Program Amman Imman.

Evergreen School in Wheaton, MD
. The Evergreen School heard about Amman Imman after students from the Barrie School presented the project to them. Now Evergreen students will be joining us on A Walk For Water.


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