A Walk For Water

A Walk for Water:
A Collaborative Fundraising Project

for Students and Schools

In the fall, marathon runners in New York and Philadelphia complete a 26.2 mile marathon. Fall temperatures in both those cities usually hover between 60 and 70 degrees, perfect weather for a physical challenge that demands enormous commitment, training and focus.

But every day, in stifling 100+ degree temperatures, the children of the Azawak make a marathon hike for water, inspired not by an athletic goal, but by a desperate need. While the marathon runners take on this challenge one day in the year, the children in the Azawak will make such a journey numerous times during their nine month dry season. They do it in an oppressive heat, with little to eat, knowing that if they don't return soon one of their family members might die.

To bring an awareness to the challenges these children face, and to raise money to bring them clean water, we propose A Walk for Water. In teams of five or more, students can collectively walk 1-5 miles each, totaling up to the marathon distance that children in the Azawak have to travel for water. Students can seek sponsorship from family, friends, neighbors and their local community for each mile that they walk in support of Amman Imman’s mission to bring clean water to the children in the Azawak.

Let's walk together so that the children of the Azawak can have water to drink and time to play

To make your donation, please go to the Amman Imman website's donation page.


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