Odyssey Montessori School: Wells of Love Toy Sale

Sharon Babineau, a classroom assistant and parent of three children who attend Odyssey Montessori in Fredericksburg, Virginia, sends us a wonderful story illustrating the initiative of children and what can happen when the adults around them support their ideas:
After Christmas break, my three boys began talking with their school friends about donating toys for a yard sale to be held at the school in the spring to benefit the Amman Imman project. We sent home flyers to all the families in the school asking for donations. The response was overwhelming! We placed a plastic bin by the front entrance, and time and again it was overflowing. Some people even brought donations directly to our house. We took the donations and put them in our basement, and we had two "pricing parties," when some parents and students got together to help put price tags on the items and sort them.

We placed ads in local publications, and my oldest son designed a poster that was hung up around town as well. A lot of parents came by to bring the toys to the school the afternoon before the sale, and many more kids and their parents came to help with the event on Saturday. A local Starbucks donated coffee for the event, and Krispy Kreme offered us their donuts at half price, which we offered to our "customers" for a donation. In all, we raised $470.50 for Amman Imman. Not bad for three hours of selling!

Sharon downloaded brochures from the Idisk and the children had them available on the tables for people to learn about Amman Imman.
Thank you students, parents and teachers of Odyssey Montessori! You are helping to build a better world for children in the Azawak!

Please support Odyssey's 2nd annual Gala and Auction on March 30 that will benefit Amman Imman! Find out more at this post : Odyssey Montessori: Go With The Flow.


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