A Month Without Water on the Daily Progress.com

On World Water Day, a blogger at the Daily Progress.com, an internet daily based in Charlottesille, Virginia, picked up on A Month Without Water. Laura E. Bland, the online editor, wrote this:
One interesting event in this global focus on water scarcity is a project to raise money for wells in Niger, West Africa. Could you go for a month without water? A month without M&Ms or a cafe mocha from Starbucks, maybe. In Niger, kids walk about 30 miles a day to get water that’s shared with livestock and carries disease. In the United States, the average households spends about $30 for water a month. So A Month Without Water is asking people to donate $30--or one month of water--to help with an effort to build wells in the Azawak region.
You can read the rest of the article at the Daily Progress, March 22. 2007.
I invite you to contribute your month of water to the Azawak of Niger! Please go to the Amman Imman donation page to make your contribution.


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