Montessori by the Sea: The Value of Presents

Sarah Genereux from Montessori by the Sea in the Cayman Islands plans to add the Amman Imman project to the contract of her Upper Elementary students for next week, intending for them to share their stories and comments on the blog, and brainstorm to plan the school's next Amman Imman fundraising event. So far, this little school of 100 students has raised about $1600 Cayman dollars which is close to $2000 USD!

Sarah sends us a wonderful story about a little girl name Marianne McMurdo who understands "
The Value of Presents":

This past December, Marianne McMurdo had a birthday. Her seventh birthday party would not be ordinary however, as Marianne had made the amazing request of donations to help build wells in Niger in lieu of presents and toys. Marianne told me that when she heard about the Amman Imman project in class she said to herself, “I could do that. I can help.” Marianne’s birthday party managed to raise 200 Cayman dollars for the Amman Imman project; money that will help to bring water to this dry, parched land. Marianne noted that she didn’t miss the presents as her friends and family were there and that was what was really important. She also made sure that I would encourage other children to do the same if they felt inspired. “You’re helping people,” she said, “and that’s a present.”


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