The Mission and Vision of Montessori Wells of Love

The mission of Montessori Wells of Love is to engage Montessori students worldwide to partner with Amman Imman in building permanent water sources for the people in the Azawak region of Niger

Our vision is to foster the spirit of a new generation of leaders, who, through active engagement in a shared project of compassion and change, discover their own commitment to humanity.

Project Goals
• Maria Montessori’s vision, that real work brings real knowledge, will be actualized as students put study into action.
• As students study the culture of the Azawak region, share ideas with students worldwide and work collaboratively to raise funds, they will develop a global perspective, empathy and a deeper sense of purpose.
• The possibility of connecting Montessori students directly with children in the Azawak presents a potential for friendship and camraderie that goes beyond cultural differences, and kindles essential understandings of our shared humanity.
• Engaged in this meaningful work, students will emerge with a deep awareness of the global impact of individual commitment and the transformative power of social action.
• We envision that this alliance between Montessori students and the mission of Amman Imman will prepare students as leaders endowed with cultural sensitivity, compassion and courage.


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