Island Village Montessori: The Best Kind of Valentine

Island Village Montessori School's website prominently features Amman Imman on their home page. Mary-Beth Sullivan wrote this letter to parents at the school to tell them about their children's enthusiasm and enlist their support:

January 26, 2007

Dear Parents of Classrooms 11, 13, and 14,

My name is Mary-Beth Sullivan and I am one of the 3rd – 5th grade classroom teachers here at Island Village. At a Montessori peace conference in November, I had the privilege of meeting Ariane Kirtley, an international public health specialist spearheading the Amman Imman Project. In the Tuareg language, Amman Imman means “Water is Life.” Her story is one that I will never forget. She is working in the poorest country in the world, Niger, trying to save children’s lives by building wells for the people of the Azawak region.

On Thursday, your child viewed a movie called “Ryan’s Well,” thanks to Christina Rudd a parent in room 13. The movie was a true story about a young nine-year-old Canadian boy named Ryan who single-handedly raised thousands of dollars to build a sustainable well for a Ugandan school. After the movie, I told our students of Ariane’s story and they have all pledged to help her.

Today, you will be receiving a flyer detailing the Amman Imman project and information on the Azawak region of Niger. I am fully confident that this project is completely legit. You may also research the project’s website,

I have asked our students to think of fund-raising projects they can independently carry out. I am personally collecting the money to send it out to the Amman Imman project on February 14, 2007. I think this is the best kind of valentine to give others. Instead of giving candy that disappears quickly, we are giving relief to fellow human beings who are suffering.

My job will not be done in February. It is my hope that our students educate the rest of our students here at Island Village about our cause and create an even larger fundraiser for Amman Imman.

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Mary-Beth Sullivan
Upper-Elementary Educator


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