We Have A Dream

On Martin Luther King's Day, I received this letter:

"My name is Sylvie Turner. I am director of the Montessori Island School in Tavernier, Florida Keys. Ms. Pegi McLarty and myself came back from the Peace conference so touched by Ariane's plea and very motivated to get our little Montessori community 'on the ball'.

The results are a bit slow to come but we keep adding to our Amman Imman wall: little drops of $ water are starting to fill the bottom of our 5 gallon bottle with donations, maybe a bit sporadic. Still we are hopeful to send two of our teachers to the AMS Conference with a check for $500 (projected on a modest $10/Montessori child donation).

I just opened the blog you started and hats off to you: I'll be sure to forward it to parents and teachers.

One day at a time! We, at Montessori Island School in Tavernier, have a dream too!

Peace & Hope on King's Day!...and Love always, Sylvie"

Thank you to Sylvie, Pegi, and the entire community at Montessori Island School!


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