East Catholic High School: Catching the Spirit

Even non-Montessori Schools are catching the spirit of this grassroots movement and want to be part of our network!  From East Catholic High School: 

 We had a presentation to some of the senior religion classes here last fall by Ariane, and since then have begun a semester long campaign to raise funds for this project.

I have downloaded the slide show from the site indicated, and plan on using it to present the program to each class (therefore the entire student body of 800) and then take it out to all our supporting parishes.

We have already set up a special account at the school and had our first fundraiser
to kick off the program last week. We sold a "dress down" day for $5.00 per student. It was a big hit since students are required to wear uniforms. We raised over $1800 that day with only 30% participating. We are having five more (one per month). We've also set up a whole host of activities such as movie nights, a walk-a-thon, talent show, etc...stuff that would have been done anyway perhaps, but now has special meaning.

Two of my students convinced a local movie theater to allow us sell vouchers to movies
at a discounted price ($10.00 instead of $10.50) and $3.00 of each voucher will go toward the project. They may use them for any movie. Students are organizing informal "water nights out" to the movies. There are many other activities we have planned and will initiate over the course of the remaining school year and beyond.

I would like to request that we be listed as participating school.
Please let me know what you think.

And thanks for the powerpoint tool!


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