The Petite Soap Company

The S1 students (ages 12-15) at Odyssey Montessori started a soap business to raise funds. Eva Thornton, S1 guide at Odyssey, reports: "Our business is up and running. In two days we have sold about $300 worth of soap, at $5 a bar. We have a website, The name of our business is "The Petite Soap Company," though the website says "Little Soap Company." A glitch that happened during set-up by the hosting company, which we will fix shortly. We have links to Amman Imman on the site, and will be donating 35% of profits to Amman Imman."

Eva also tells us that a lower elementary student ran an essay writing contest entitled "Why we should help Amman Imman". Maddie, Eva's daughter, wrote the favorite essay, and she might be reading it on a local radio station.

Stay tuned and we will post it here!


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